Get to Know the Lady Ink Editors

Laura Fones - Editor-in-Chief

Laura is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University and devoting her time (and, arguably, her talents) to promoting female representation in art. First published at age 11 in a poetry anthology titled, "The Path into the Light" (Ed.  Jessica Rapisarda), Laura has contributed to various literary magazines, online publications, and academic journals. She recently wrote and directed an all-female one-act play called, "Dante's Dinner Party," and continues her crusade to create roles for female actors. Lady Ink is her brain-child and she thanks you in advance for your contributions.

Contact her at laurafones@ladyinkmagazine.com.

Jake Deome - Consulting Editor

Jake is pursuing his BA in English at Sacramento State University and is an accomplished author in his own right. First published in Fall 2010 in the award-winning literary magazine "Voices," Jake is the Chief Editor of Fresh Ink Magazine, a literary forum for amateur writers and poets looking for exposure. Also a playwright, Jake contributed two one-acts to West Valley's annual Alpha Project and continues to develop exciting new work for California's stages. His literary ventures are interspersed with exploration of California's vast wilderness, the details of which can be viewed in his personal Tumblr blog. 

Contact him at jakedeome@ladyinkmagazine.com.

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