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About Us

Lady Ink Magazine; or, The Lady Ink Project

Literary works of the English language have been dominated by men over the past 500 years, from the ubiquitously-acknowledged genius of Shakespeare to the veritable book-factory Stephen King. You can easily name ten famous male authors of the Modernist movement, but the only woman anyone can remember is Gertrude Stein.

However, in the last decade, the real superstars of literature have been women. The mega success of the "Harry Potter" series and the "Twilight" novels have made one fact abundantly clear: women are leveling the literary playing field. Five of the thirteen top-earning authors of 2011 were women, and I expect that number to grow.

So, while this magazine is not exclusively a female enterprise, we do seek to promote an egalitarian view of women through writing and art. We look for strong female protagonists (and antagonists!) and non-cliched treatments of the female form. 

And though the thematic directions of each issue may change, our primary goal is to give female-centric art a forum. Please read, contribute, and enjoy.